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4.posms "Pavasara Kauss" 2020
Most of them will get DNF too
Ar RBR parasto, tests gāja, bet posma turnīrā neielādēja
Pašam gan nav iespēja izveidot turnīru, tapēc droši neko nezinu. Bet kaut kur kaut ko lasiju. Problēma varētu būt ar 7 dopa weather uzstādijumiem. Tipa kautkāda opcija, kad turnīrs salīdzina izveidotāja trases settingus ar lietotāja un ja nesakrīt tad ir ziepes. Mēģināšu pameklēt to foruma ierakstu.
Jautājums, vai to testu 7 dopam izveidoja no tā paša kompja no kā īsto turnīru?
Informējam, ka sakarā ar šo tehnisko kļūmi pēdējam ātrumposmam, organizatori ir lēmuši, ka SS7 tiek atcelts.
Rallija kopvērtējuma rezultāts tiks ņemts vērā no SS1-SS6.

We are informed that due to technical failure of the last special stage, the organisers have decided that the SS7 is being cancelled. Rally overall results will be count from SS1-SS6
Atradu, vai nevar būt kau kāds čakars ar šo...

"Wrong weather definition in TrackSettings.ini"

As you can probably imagine, this is related to specific weather pack check in a rally. When creating rallies, promoters have a choice of either leaving on/turning off the check for each stage separately. In most cases, turning it off is highly recommended, but if left on for some/all stages, RBRTM would then scan the competitor's own TrackSettings.ini (located in \Maps) to check if its lines for chosen weather pack match the official ones. If not, this error message will emerge.

So, all in all, we can come up with THREE reasonable/not-so-reasonable explanations:

1) If you have installed one of the more recent CZ TrackPacks (Sep 2019 or newer), you shouldn't have this problem because the correct TrackSettings.ini lines have seemingly been restored, but if you have begun with any of the TrackPacks dated BEFORE Sep 2019, first you must check if any of these stages are included in the rally you're trying to enter (with the exact same weather conditions). If so, you can then use the provided info to restore the lines back to their original state.

2) Your TrackSettings.ini have either incorrect lines or the required lines are missing entirely. This must be the case, if other drivers have been able to enter the rally without issues. You can always try to fix this temporarily by using the TrackSettings.ini that comes with the most recent version of CZ TrackPack. Triple caution! Do remember to backup your current TrackSettings.ini first if you have installed stages that are not part of the CZ TrackPack, or if the file is already outdated in terms of new stages.

3) It's the other way round, so the lines in your own TrackSettings.ini are faultless, but the corresponding lines on the Czech server are not. This is the likeliest scenario when no-one (practically or literally) have been able to enter a rally. Although in reality, this is a very rare scenario. One notable example is Versme's Morning - Light Rain - Heavy Clouds combination, where the weather pack check will fail if a promoter has left it on for the stage, and there's no way of fixing it yourself.


Varbūt vēl kādreiz kādam nider, te ir skaidrojumi daudzām problēmām ar RBR
SS1 Šijā vietā man uzlika mistisku sodu. Skatoties uz sarkano uzrakstu gandrīz ieskrēju sienā Big Grin Ieliku replay arī čehu lapā.
Mans brauciens no SS5 New Bobs 2

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