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Lithuanian Rally 10‘s by e-LARC
[Image: 97423370_862312347583371_856239646428889...e=5EE6F805]

This time we will remember the last decade of restored Lithuania!
A country slowly recovering after 2008 the global economic crisis has not prevented it from gathering an impressive number of participants in LARC events. For example, 95 crews took part in the "Winter Rally 2011" competition. Until the middle of the decade, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo cars were dominating. Unfortunately, the cars of the eternal Mitsubishi competitor Subaru wasn't no longer at the top of the Lithuanian rally. In 2015-2016, there was a certain turning point. Martynas Samuitis brought unseen cars to Lithuania: in the second half of 2015, he introduced the Škoda Fabia S2000, and at the beginning of 2016, the Škoda Fabia R5. R5 cars driven by Vaidotas Žala, Vytautas Švedas and Egidijus Valeiša are at the top of the Lithuanian rally and in the spotlight to this day.

The organizers prepared an interesting route for the participants, which will stretch in special stages of the "Winter Rally", "300 Lakes Rally" and "Rally Žemaitija" events. They will have to complete 9 special stages: 3 on snow, remaining on gravel. "Lithuanian Rally 10's by e-LARČ" will be a great practice for participants before the third of "e-LARČ 2020" event "Rally Žemaitija 2020", which starts less than two weeks!

Tournament link: https://bit.ly/2Wy83IT
Cars: Citroen C3 R5, Citroen DS3 R5, Ford Fiesta R5, Hyundai i20 R5, Škoda Fabia R5, VW Polo GTI R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4, Subaru Impreza N14 N4, Subaru Impreza N15 R4, Ford Fiesta Mk VIII R2T, Ford Fiesta R2T, Peugeot 208 R2, Renault Twingo R2, Honda Civic Type R R3, Citroen DS3 R3T
Itineary: https://bit.ly/3fSotDu

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